Microsoft Kin

While Microsoft’s foray into the world of hip mobile phones was short-lived, the KIN brand was the collective effort of multiple global agencies. As part of the creative team, we were tasked with translating a unique and very complex user experience to the consumer through a series of engaging user manuals.  

Agency: Cinco
Creative Directors: Kirk James, Sean Barrett

Sokol Blosser Winery

Sokel Blosser, one of Willamette Valley’s original vineyards, wanted to establish an introductory Pinot Noir in the Asian market. Our task: find the story, name the wine, and develop a label for the international audience. 

Design: Dan and Kate Zimmerman, Zimco Design

Kettle Foods

Kettle Foods was no longer a small mom-and-pop business; they were a growing international company with over 50 products distributed worldwide.  Their website and packaging was redesigned to reach a global audience and to tell the company's rich history in taste and corporate sustainability.

Agency: Leopold Ketel & Partners
Creative Director: Andrew Reed