New Seasons: Video

Our task: make a video that would inspire people to work at New Seasons. Simple enough. Except that most HR videos feature lengthy interviews with normal people who aren't used to being on camera. (And New Seasons' employees aren't normal. In fact, that's what makes the place so unique.) So we took the idea of "mean tweets" combined it with a confessional box to create the Comment Card Confessional where we lured unsuspecting New Seasons' employees into a tight space to read real customer comment cards to get their honest-to-gawd reaction.

Agency: Tether PDX
Special thanks to Tether's video team in Seattle.

This video is sooo good. We’re in love with it … so in love. Seriously you guys, it’s awesome. You are the best.
— the happy client



A brand ahead of its time, this sustainable apparel company was once recognized as a leader in a growing outdoor lifestyle market. For three years, we developed and managed brand content and seasonal initiatives as part of Nau's passionate team. This included blog content on sustainability, arts, and culture as well as curating content from key influencers, elevating the blog to one of the top three traffic drivers to Below is a selection of our brand work.

As part of Nau's web presence, we developed and executed key brand stories including: a new fabric section to tell the rich story of materials that is core to Nau's narrative; the continuation of The Portraits series that profiles key influencers; and The Collective, a collection of like-minded brands.

Nau, the clothing brand based in Portland, has a blog. And that blog ventures from the architecture of clothing to sustainable roofs over our heads. Interesting stuff.
— The Oregonian, August 10, 2011

What’s your favorite natural fiber for clothing? The ‘ins and outs of wool’ great blog post from @NauClothing
— REI Twitter, Jan 12 2012

Nike Annual Report

It was a seminal year for Nike. Phil Knight retired. Lance Armstrong raced his last Tour. And Oregon's only Fortune 500 company hired a new CEO. Nike needed to communicate this to its shareholders. In collaboration with co-writer Dennie Wendt, we interviewed Phil, Bill and co-presidents Mark Parker and Charlie Denson to create Nike’s Annual Report.