What We Do

{ To put it simply, we tell good stories. But it’s much more than that. }

We use the art of the creative process, research, and written word
to build stories, brands, and communication plans that create human
connection and positive change.

Although our origins are with big brands, our multidisciplinary
background gives us the ability to bring strategy and
storytelling to other industries, agencies, and nonprofits.

And after nearly two decades, we've homed in on what we do best: 

Brand, Communications + Content Strategy
Brand and Messaging Frameworks
Ideation + Concept Development
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
All Things Words: video, print, digital, product, retail, editorial

How We Do It

{ We Create Connection }

With backgrounds in research, we’re always curious. We dig deep to not only uncover facts, but to reveal intrinsic values and hidden meanings. We want to know what’s authentic and what’s not to you and your audience.

Systems Thinking 
In a world that is increasingly interconnected, we believe the cross-pollination of ideas between systems and industries is the key to innovation and originality. Our multi-disciplinary background in journalism, public and environmental health, sustainability, design thinking, and branding gives us a unique perspective and approach to creative problem solving. It's this perspective which allows us to navigate projects with cultural and political sensitivities and complexities. 

Collaboration & Process
We thrive on the creative process and the dance between idea and possibility, concept and execution. And we consider our clients key collaborators in every step of the process.

Although our roots have been in Portland for nearly 20 years, we have the network and connections throughout multiple industries and cities to pull in the right people at the right time.

Who We Are

To be a good storyteller, you have to constantly seek life outside of your comfort zone. You have to feel the center of every emotion—despair, love, vulnerability, elation. You have to do this in order to know—as intimately as possible—what it’s like to be truly human, and create from this place. Because this is the place where story thrives.
— Leighann Franson

Ripple is the creative storytelling studio founded by Leighann Franson.

For over 15 years, Leighann has worked as a creative strategist and writer with some of the biggest brands and industry change makers, from Nau and Nike to Yahoo! and Converse. Intensely perceptive and insatiably curious, she dreams up ideas that transcend barriers and intuitively connect to the human experience. Yet her academic and teaching background grounds her ideas in metrics and research.

With a degree in Journalism and a Masters in Public Health and Sustainability, she brings her brand experience and creative ingenuity to other industries. She's collaborated with nonprofits and government agencies to create and transform concepts into campaigns that affect change across cultures, audiences and industries. And she currently sits on the Board of Directors for Living Yoga, a regional nonprofit that brings yoga to the underserved.

In her past lives, she has worked for the government and Santa, taught yoga to men in prison, and played Division I soccer with gold-medalist Brandi Chastain. She’s been a stock reporter, a master organic gardener, a dragon boat paddler, and a djembe player (although not a very good one). And she has traveled or lived in over 30 countries, backpacked over 15,000 foot peaks in Peru, and survived a monkey attack in India. 

Connect with her on Linked In.

Our Creative Partners

Over the past 16 years, we have had the pleasure of working with the following brands, agencies, and forward thinkers. 

Cambia Health Solutions
Concordia University
CHI Franciscan Health
Free Speech for the People
Mercy Corps
MultiCare Health System
Multnomah County Health Department
Nike Foundation
Open Meadow School
Splunk for Good
World Pulse

Big Giant
Cary Design Group
Flint Design Co.
Hornall Anderson
Jute Creative
Leopold Ketel
Opus Creative
Pioneer Studios
Weinstein PR

Banfield Pet Hospital
Best Buy
Contiki Vacations
EMU Australia
Gerber Baby
Gerding Edlen
GT's Living Foods
Johnson & Johnson Healthcare
Kettle Foods
Living Harvest
Mahlum Architects
New Seasons Market
North Face
Pacific Dental Services
Pacific Natural Foods
The People's Yoga
Salt & Straw
Schoolhouse Electric
Sokol Blosser Winery
Umqua Bank
Yahoo! Inc.